Many people think that only a Black Magic Spell can ward off debts and debt collectors.

But I must say they are completely wrong.

The purity, light and transmutation capacity of White Magic will allow you, once and for all, to get out of debt.



How does this spell work to get out of financial debt?

To begin with, I want to explain to you that debts are merely social constructions.

And this is important that you understand, because the first step to understand the operation of the Spell to get out of debt is that you read and accept the following phrase within yourself:



In the same way that the Universe is,
Riches and Prosperity are endless,
Just as you cannot put doors to the field,
You cannot lock a person’s finances.

With this Spell to get out of debt you will be able to connect your spiritual, astral and physical world with the SACRED idea that wealth, abundance and prosperity are INFINITE

Do I need to know something before starting this ritual?

You may have felt for many years that you will not be able to get out of debt and think that this ritual is not for you.

But with this Spell to pay debts you will be able to connect with your millionaire mind that you have inside you.

I advise you from NOW that you take note of everything you are going to read. Find a paper and a marker and prepare the ingredients to start this Ritual soon

Who is this Spell for to get out of financial debt?

As its name suggests, this Ritual is made, especially if you find yourself in any of the following situations.
You have debts that you need (or want) to cancel and eliminate urgently and quickly.
Debts and unexpected payments have arisen that you do not know how to deal with at this time in your life.
You want to alienate a collector or collector company who is demanding payment of a large amount of money.
You want to get rid of current, past or future debts from your life.

Ingredients necessary to perform the powerful Spell to pay, move away and / or get out of financial debt.

The ingredients you need are the following.

Remember to write them down now!, Because fate has wanted you to read this.

It’s time to take Magic Blanca actions to eliminate your debts and IMPROVE your finances like never before

Ingredients for the Ritual to get out of debt:

A tablespoon of honey 🍯
Sea salt or, if you don’t have sea salt, you can use common salt.
3 Coins of any value.
A handful of coffee beans.
3 Bay Leaves.
A piece of paper and a black marker or pen.
A small white candle.
A glass jar with a lid.

Before starting the Debt Spell ... This you must take into account!

Here are some indications so that you know when it will be most appropriate to launch this powerful ritual.

Make sure you do it on the best day and put 100% of your optimism when you do it.

🔃 How to repeat it ?: Allow at least 30 days to repeat the ritual. Only if there are no powerful changes (he explained more about this below).

🌙 Most appropriate Moon Phase: Best time will be in the Crescent Phase of the Moon, or at its Full Moon moment.

However, this Out of Debt Spell will not be effective in the Waning Phase or with a New Moon.

📅 Day of the week: The day doesn’t matter. However, it will be important that you choose a day in which you feel especially calm and relaxed, so it may be a good time to do it during the weekend.

📎 Additional advice: Remember to use 3 coins that are currently in circulation in your country.



We begin the Powerful Ritual to Drive Away and Eliminate Debt in a Powerful Way (IT WORKS!)

To begin, in the place where you are going to make this recipe to pay the debts, write on the candle, with the help of a pin or awl, the word FORTUNE, from the base to the flame.

Now light the white candle and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients.

Make a circle with the salt on a tray or a large plate (clockwise ⏰) and put the open jar in the middle.

Remember to write the word FORTUNE on your candle for the Ritual to pay and eliminate Debts!

Once the circle of salt is made and the candle is lit, write the following sentence on the paper with the black ink marker:

Infinite wealth fills my life.
Full is my path of prosperity.
Debt transmutes to fortune.

Now fold the paper into four pieces, leaving the part that you have written inside and deposit it inside the jar.

Then introduce the following ingredients inside, in this order:
The tablespoon of honey.
The 3 Coins of any value.
The handful of coffee beans.
And The 3 Bay Leaves.

Start TODAY the best Spell to get rid of the debts of your life!

Once all the ingredients are inside, you must wait for the white candle to burn 🔥

Once consumed, close the lid of the jar and store it in a cupboard in your kitchen, near other foods (it does not matter if fresh, preserved, dry …)

The jar should remain closed and stored until the debts disappear (I will explain a little more about this later).

As a general rule, the first effects are perceived after a few days and you should not be surprised if you perceive a great feeling of happiness or feel that everything, again, begins to work in your life 🍀

It is a normal effect after performing an esoteric White Magic exercise like this one.

¿Cuánto tiempo tengo que esperar para ver los efectos de este Ritual para pagar las deudas? ⏲

All Magic forms a dynamic process, in which times are not understood as we understand them in the physical world.

However, based on my experience, I can tell you that the results usually appear after 15 days of performing the ritual.

However, if after 30 days there is no progress and finances remain stagnant (which is unusual), as I explained above, you must repeat the ritual.

Of course, when you repeat it, remember to dispose of the ingredients inside the glass jar.

Except for the 3 coins, which you must give to a person in need and the glass jar, which once clean you can use it in the repetition of the Spell to move away debts urgently.

What will happen when the spell for financial problems begins to take effect?

Once the first weeks are over, we will begin to notice an improvement in our finances clearly 💰

Some friends have even confessed to me that they reached complicated agreements with financial institutions or even debt collectors disappeared.

Some readers also confirm to me that they experienced enormous success in their financial investments in the stock market or that they were able to obtain complicated reunification of debts, loans and mortgages that allows them, now, to live with greater tranquility and calm life.

However, the most common will be that you find growth, positive news and unexpected income.

All this will take you, in a short time, to successfully resolve your debts and move away from financial commitments at once.


Article taken from: www.hechizo.net

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