Purify yourself with this bath from Yemaya’s hand

To clean impurities, and attract luck to our lives, this easy-to-prepare bath drives away bad energies, and attracts prosperity.

You can do it at any time of the day, and you only need these ingredients.

– Sea water, but if you don’t have it, you can use normal water and add sea salt.
– 1 coconut soap, which will be for your exclusive use, It cannot be shared.
– Lavender cologne, that only you use.
– A blue candle or a large blue candle, because we need that the water does not cover it.
– A large container.
– Cane Melao
– Indigo or Blue to wash
– Coconut water

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Pour the sea water or the salt water that I prepare, in the large container, add lavender cologne, Indigo or (Blue to wash), coconut water and, finally, cane molasses, When you add the water, you should have Take into account the quantity, because inside you will put your blue candle, therefore, you must be careful that the water does not exceed the candle.

After having the water prepared, you must stir it with your hands, always in a clockwise direction and at the same time ask yemayá for health, peace, tranquility, harmony, prosperity, abundance and everything you want. Be careful not to wet the candle so that it does not get wet, then put it in the center of the container,
With care and a lot of love, and while the candle is lit, you should be watching it, looking at the light that radiates, and asking Yemayá that, as that light shines, your heart lights up. After the candle has been extinguished, if wax fell, you must strain the water.

First you are going to bathe with ordinary water, but you use coconut soap, which cleans negative energies, and is also used as an element of attraction for good things.
To finish, take the container where I prepare the water, and make it from the neck down, while the water is made, ask Yemaya again, health, peace, tranquility, harmony, prosperity, abundance and everything you want. and allowing that water to dry on the body, it cannot be dried with a towel.

Always at the end of any spiritual bath you should clean the remains that are left in the shower, you should never leave them, even if you live alone.
Remember that yemayá baths are for good luck and development,
While you do it, you must go asking the goddess, as the water runs through your body, and you feel how you clean and purify yourself.

You can repeat it every week, and may yemayá blessings fill you with many successes and many blessings.

Maferefun yemayá, omio yemayá omoloddé, yemayá ataramawa ache

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