This first prayer to dominate a person is intended for couples who have recently broken up or had an argument, it will help the other person to calm down and sit down with you to talk.

For this prayer to be effective, I recommend you buy a red candle and bathe it with holy water, the water can be obtained in our botany (online shop), or you can also ask a priest or priest to bless you the water.

You are going to do this prayer for 5 days, you will have to do it once in the afternoon and once at night. Each time you say the prayer, light the candle for 10 minutes.

The prayer to dominate a person is as follows:

Spirit that of tranquility, I am invoking you to help me to calm (pronounce the name of the other person), because he must return to my life. Help him to improve, to be more tolerable, honest and sincere.

Please allow him to come to me calmly so that we can talk, because it has been a long time since we last saw each other. I want to clarify things so that he does not abandon me again and we can be happy without separating.

He can only think of me, just like I will only think of (person’s name), I know that you can achieve that. Divine Spirit help me, I implore you on my knees and with the conviction that you will not abandon me.

I offer you this flame as a symbol of the gratitude that I have towards you, because you always help the unprotected. I firmly believe in your power and I will never doubt that.

I wish with all my soul that (he pronounces the name of the other person) he only wishes me and at every moment I be present in his thoughts. Spirit of tranquility, I trust you.

so be it      AMEN

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